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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Take a look at some of our most frequently asked denture questions answered below:

    What is a dental prosthetist?

    A dental prosthetist is an oral care professional who has completed extensive training to become firstly a dental technician and finally a dental prosthetist who is registered to consult patients directly. A dental prosthetist is also registered to manufacture complete dentures, partial dentures and mouthguards. Some dental prosthetists are qualified to construct and administer implant-retained over-dentures with the required qualifications.

    Will they save me time and money?

    Yes, because a consultation with a dental prosthetist means you deal directly with the practitioner who will personally construct your dentures

    Can I claim from a health fund?

    Dental Prosthetists are registered health care providers and as such are acknowledged as providers of denture services by most health funds in Australia. You can claim a rebate for most services of a Dental Prosthetist.

    Do all dental prosthetists have a lab on site?

    No. In fact, without a lab on site, denture manufacturing may even be outsourced to another country.

    Does Adelaide Quality Denture Clinic have a lab on site?

    Yes! We have full quality control, meaning we can create custom-made dentures just for you and make any changes almost immediately.

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